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"Tied In" by Anthony Tucker Review

This book was kindly provided to me digitally by the author in exchange for an honest review!

Tied In by Anthony Tucker is the story of Little Tuckie, a boy who discovers a colorful piece of cloth and begins to have marvelous adventures with it. But it turns out that it is actually a tie that belongs to his father.

After reading Tucker's first book titled A Rocky Start, I had high hopes for his second title...and he didn't disappoint. Tied In is a fabulous picture book.

The book is very colorful and bright, and I loved the illustrations. Illustrator Charlene Mosley has a very distinct style that I adore. I loved the water colors and how alive the characters and their situations appeared on the page!

Tied In-1 Image.png

As with Tucker's last book, the writing is fantastic. I greatly enjoyed the bits of repetition and seeing what Little Tuckie would imagine next with his "piece of cloth." The creativity and possibilities put into this everyday item is a very endearing concept. Not only is a necktie a symbol of success, but now a window into the creative mind of a child. Little Tuckie comes to learn the significance of this object but still hangs on to all of the possibilities that opened when he found this "piece of cloth" in the house.

At the end of the book, there is a tutorial showing readers how to tie a necktie. This is a really great addition to the book as it provides a learning experience for young readers following a lovely story.

Tied In is an excellent picture book. Be sure to pre-order the book by clicking the link below! Thank you Anthony Tucker for providing me this book to review!