Level Story

Story in KH3 Trailers // E3 2013 and 2015

Additional Commentary:

Although I did comment on my love of the music in these trailers, I did not talk about how music is used to tell a story. In the E3 2013 trailer, the track playing is called Hikari and it is the orchestration of the more commonly known, Simple and Clean, Kingdom Heart's anthem if you will. Hikari translates to Light in English, a perfect representation of our hero, Sora, and what he fights for in this series of games. Hikari serves to bring us back into this series and makes us feel nostalgic. Kingdom Hearts is coming back, now it is time to get hyped. But this orchestration is also very empowering and provides a sense of adventure and excitement for what is to come in the new game. 

In the E3 2015 trailer, the track that plays is titled Rage Awakened. Fans will notice that the version playing is Origins, from Birth by Sleep. But the song is also featured in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix when Sora fights the Lingering Will. Unlike Hikari, Rage Awakened is far from empowering or least in terms of the story. Rage Awakened can be said to be representative of Terra's anger. Thus, the trailer is giving a subtle call back to the trio from Birth by Sleep, telling us that they will play a part in this upcoming title. The track is very fast paced and dramatic, the violin high pitched and screeching in the best way a violin can screech. It is telling the viewer that this is something important and urgent. Sora's quest is not just another one off video game (though when has any Kingdom Hearts title been a one off title, right?) but an epic quest that will hopefully bring the player to a satisfying conclusion.

Another note. As you will see in the video, I made an error and said that the quote in the first trailer is taken from Sora in Dream Drop Distance. This is incorrect. I will be discussing this and correcting myself in the next episode, but I will also correct myself right here. The quote is from the Secret Ending of Birth by Sleep, called Blank Points. It is building off of the ending of Kingdom Hearts 2 when the main trio receive a message in a bottle from King Mickey. Sora says he has to leave Destiny Islands so he can attend to the King's message. We know now that this was leading to Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. So in context, this quote fits pretty well with the trailer. The fact that it is leading to Re:coded still is a bit silly, but at least the quote works. I apologize for the mistake. Hopefully I won't do it again, but this is Kingdom Hearts so I am sure I will mess up the facts here and there.