Millennial Entitlement Rooted in Nickelodeon Show, "As Told By Ginger"

Millennials are a different breed that have infiltrated our everyday lives. Now that they are establishing themselves in the world, older generations are having to reevaluate their own sense of self and come up with jargon about why the Millennial generation is ruining the world. Yes indeed, Millennials desire for authenticity and social justice is downright abysmal. Though it is unclear as to the root cause of Millennial entitlement, some point fingers at the entertainment they were raised on which featured figures their own age fighting against respectable authority. This very situation is presented in an episode of the early 2000's animated show, "As Told By Ginger."

In the episode "Driven to Extremes," Ginger calls out her substitute teacher for her extreme and unnecessary strictness and defies her authority. This is a blatant example of an entitled Millennial defying the rules and not adhering to the authority of those who know better than her. Quite frankly, it is disgusting.

The most blatant example of Millennial entitlement is featured toward the end of the episode in a scene known as "Ginger Takes a Stand." In the scene, Ginger moves her desk even though the teacher said otherwise. When confronted about her rule breaking and threatened to write a 20,000 word essay, Ginger responds, "Bring it on. I have a lot to say." This presents problem number one with Millennials. They believe that they know better than the authority above them. Rules only exist to be broken in their eyes. They have no reason for this debauchery of our respect for our elders standards. What a joke.

The scene continues with Ginger encouraging her teacher to up the word count to 30,000 words. This then sparks the class to rally behind her. They too move their desks (earlier in the episode, the students egged the substitute teachers house but Ginger refused. Now, they are not apologizing for their actions but rallying behind Ginger). This all points to another example of Millennial entitlement. This is bullying. The kids are ganging up to pick on this teacher who may be in the wrong but it doesn't mean they should show her disrespect. She may be a bully but it doesn't count because she has the authority. I mean come on. Why hold those in power accountable for their actions?

Ginger then makes her final statement, saying that this substitute teacher has nothing on their actual teacher. This rally cry receives applause from the class and leaves the substitute stunned into silence while empowering music plays in the background. As Ginger rants, students watch in admiration, one even holding out his arms and bowing as if in worship. One of Ginger's final statements actually says that respect must be earned. This points to the most critical fault of the Millennial generation. Millennials believe they have a right to say whatever they want. Their sensitive souls need constant recognition and so they create problems for the sake of it. This is why we see so much backlash on Twitter. Millennials have no filters. They complain about everything because this gives them a sense of purpose. But of course, the older generations know better.

What can we take away from this clip from "As Told By Ginger"? For one, this is a clear example of why Millennials act the way they do. Their entertainment taught them that this was okay. Never mind that they may be thinking, living, breathing, and independent members of society. Putting them in a box is the only way to understand them. This creates limited discourse and makes the other generations feel better. After all, it makes no sense to examine older generations and their faults because they have none. Blaming new generations is much more fun and takes all responsibility away from the older generations.

Happy April Fools Day.