About Me: Disney Danielle, the Gourmet Reader, Mugglenet

Hello all and welcome back to another About Me installment. Will these ever end? I don't know. You tell me! Let's continue.

I want to take this time to talk about the side projects I worked on and one big project as well. Naturally, this post will probably be shorter than the rest. I know what you're thinking; praise God.


While podcasting on Talk Magic to Me, I decided to create a blog called Disney Danielle where I shared all of my thoughts on Disney. Rad, right? I actually found this blog to be a whole lot of fun and plan to incorporate it here on This is Danielle in the future. There isn't much to talk about with the blog though. I didn't write much but I will say it was fun while it lasted.

Another project I attempted working on was called the Gourmet Reader, a podcast attached to Keep Calm and Read On where I talked about books as being delectable and compared them to experiencing gourmet food. It was truly a spicy experience. Here are some of the episodes I put out here, here, and here.

My biggest online experience to date, though, has to be writing and interning with After chatting several times with Nicole Rivera about her Harry Potter devotional book, she encouraged me to apply to for the internship program on She was the creative team director for the site. I applied and got a spot on the team!

Working with Mugglenet taught me a lot about writing online and writing in general. I learned so much that I continue to use to this day. After interning for a few months, I eventually became an official writer for the site. However, work and other projects made me decide to leave the Mugglenet team. Plus, I'm not a huge fan of the expanded Harry Potter universe such as Cursed Child or Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Seeing as that is the big topic today, I figured I wouldn't enjoy it anyway. Here are some of my articles I wrote: Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived Downstairs; Five Great Heroines Every “Harry Potter” Fan Should Check Out; Using Fiction to Deal with Harsh Reality; What's the Matter with Ginny?; Five Good Reasons it is Important to Reread "Harry Potter"; Hogwarts - the Modern-day Cabin in the Woods?; Top Five First Sentences in English-Language Literature; How "Harry Potter" Has Influenced the Millennial Generation; Sorting "Downton Abbey" Characters into Hogwarts Houses.

And that is it. See? I told you this would be a short post.

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