About Me: The Reader, Part 2: Editorials

It is that time again; time for another About Me blog. For those new to this series, my hope is to capture my history of creating on the internet in small snippets. This will hopefully make it easier for those who are new to my content to learn something about me and also have the tools at their disposal to view my past work. Without further ado, let's jump into Part 3!

The year 2012 found me trying to read 50 books in one year. Blogging became my main form of writing. I cared about my blog more than my school work. It was something I took pride in. As the year continued, I began coming up with more ideas for the blog. I'd been strictly writing book reviews and assigned blogs for my Writing and Computers course. But I had more ideas that I wanted to write about. At the time I was a Christian apologetic, a Disney princess defender, and a believer in smart phones ruining our social skills. Naturally, I wanted to write about these things.  

Looking back at some of the topics I wrote about, I feel rather foolish. It is obvious that I'd had these thoughts bottled up for quite some time. While some of the points I make are legit, I can't say that I agree with my arguments anymore. One of my earliest posts discusses smart phones and how they are taking over our lives. The post is a bit condescending and misguided. But all I can say for my defense is that my heart was in the right place. Hey, everyone needs a stepping stone!

One of my earliest editorial series was Wasted Wednesday. The title was a play on an activity I couldn't stand in college - drinking just to get wasted. I'm one of the few people who can honestly say that I have never gotten drunk. I was never a partier. Some may say I haven't lived but...I'm okay with not getting drunk. But in college, I thought I was above everyone for my stance against drinking. It bothered me that there was a night known as Thirsty Thursday. Most students on my college campus lived for this day. It was a night of drinking, crazy parties, getting wasted, and skipping the Friday morning class. I hated it, and there is still a part of me that hates it. But that is a discussion about Universities and not for this blog. Anyway, it was a Wednesday but my friends and I noticed a bunch of people talking about getting wasted that night. So we decided that not only was there a Thirsty Thursday but a Wasted Wednesday.

we cool.gif

A burst of creativity flowed through me. I really thought I was hot stuff when I decided that Wasted Wednesday would be a perfect title for a series on my blog. I planned to post editorials on Wednesday and they would be all about challenging the popular belief. The irony, and in my mind the sheer brilliance, was the fact that the series was called Wasted Wednesday yet I was doing nothing of the sort. I was making a statement. Instead of wasting my time getting wasted, I was spending my Wednesday contemplating and trying to better myself.

….Okay, you can call me a pretentious shit. I don't mind. Indeed I was very pretentious...

But I had a ton of fun writing these blogs. I wrote about faith and how it relates to books, if college is truly a privilege, Harry Potter, and my favorite music. But my biggest blog and one I am still very proud of, despite the fact that my opinions have changed drastically, was Why Disney Princess Are Good Role Models. I went all out writing this blog, collecting quotes and material supporting my argument and staying up until one in the morning writing my heart out. It was a post I was super proud of and I even got some attention on Tumblr. While I continued writing my Wasted Wednesday blogs, none ever seemed to measure up to my Disney Princess blog.

When 2012 came to a close, I had to take a hard look at my blog and decide where to take it. Should I continue reading as many books as possible and write reviews? Should I do another challenge? Should I continue with editorials? The truth was, I was very unsure. As noted in a previous entry, my blog never received a lot of attention. I wondered if it was worth it. But the truth was that I really enjoyed blogging. It didn't feel too good that people weren't reading my content, but I physically could not keep myself from coming up with ideas and writing them down. It seemed no matter what, writing was what I would continue to do.

I continued writing book reviews and Wasted Wednesday posts. In fact, I was writing more in one month of 2013 than most months in 2012. The Wasted Wednesday posts grew more diverse and began to feel more consistent. I wrote about the American education system, books that have influenced my life, and why Titanic isn't actually a love story. I was having so much fun! I even came up with a segment called...Thirsty Thursday. I won't say I'm proud of these titles, I'm just recapping my past internet content. Don't judge me!

don't judge me.gif

Thirsty Thursday was still an editorial series but instead of challenging social norms, this series was dedicated to celebrating content creation. I was thirsty for awesome stories! And trust me, I know it sounds kind of wrong but the concept was there. Thirsty was just another word for anxious. As I longed for something good to drink or eat, so did I long for great stories to be told.

After I graduated college, I continued on with my blog. I continued writing editorials and continued writing book reviews. It wouldn't be until 2014 rolled in that I decided that the blog needed a change!

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