About Me: This is Danielle, Part 1

I imagine that you and many other people who happen upon my website, are asking yourself what "This is Danielle" stands for or means. It sure isn't a very good brand name. It doesn't tell you anything about what you can expect to find on my website. All it does is say my name in the way of formal greeting. That is it. Kind of confusing, right? I'd say so. But I promise I did this for good reason.

See for several years, I have been trying to build up my persona on the internet. How successful I've been could be argued. On one hand, I really haven't gained a following of any kind. I've made a few friends along the way which I am ecstatic about, but I haven't achieved the success of a regular readership. On the other hand, I have been successful in terms of self improvement. Over the years I have seen a noticeable growth in my ability to write and communicate. I've become more confident and sure of myself. 

Okay, maybe it isn't confidence I gained but just a general disregard for acting the way people want me to. Or maybe I am just CRAY-zy!

Okay, maybe it isn't confidence I gained but just a general disregard for acting the way people want me to. Or maybe I am just CRAY-zy!

"This is Danielle" comes from a place of wanting to get this internet personality thing right. Throughout my online journey, my one priority is to approach the topics I talk about with authenticity and honesty. But my focus could never be contained. I moved from topic to topic, medium to medium, and had no clear direction. When I created a blog about books, I wanted to write about Disney. When I created a podcast about Disney, I wanted to talk about politics. It has occurred to me that perhaps that isn't the way I should go about things. Instead of focusing on just one subject or just one form of content creation, why not create a space where I can focus on everything I love and talk about it all? 

"This is Danielle" is a space where I will publish blogs / essays, podcasts, videos, photographs, and more! It is a space that emphasizes who I am. When you come to this site, you can expect to learn a bit about me. This site is me...or rather, pieces of me. Here you can expect to see snippets of who I am and my life. I will talk about books, video games, religion, politics, podcasts, and possibly my love of Top Chef. 

With all that being said, you may have noticed that this new website of mine is rather...well, empty. See, another thing I aimed to do when I created this website was to write about the things I cared about without having to work on a schedule. In the past I've struggled because time moves faster than ideas popping into my brain. I can't begin to exclaim how many times I posted a blog or podcast that I hated just because it was that day of the week I was expected to post or that day of the month an episode was supposed to come out! And to add to the injury, as I said earlier, I didn't have a following. So not only was I releasing content I hated but I wasn't getting the satisfaction of having people to really experience it besides a few friends. It was a draining endeavor and wasn't kind to my self-esteem. Thus I have made the decision to post content when I have the passion to do so. That being said, at the moment that content is currently being created and will hopefully be released soon. Hence why the site is so empty.

I had an idea. Since there isn't much for you to read or take in about me (just yet), why not write a few short blogs telling you who I am and the content creation journey I have been on for the past five years? My hope is that these blogs tell you a little bit about me and give you an idea of what type of content creator I am. I hope you decide to stick around!