Top 6 Unique Christmas Songs

Most Christmas music on the radio is rehashed remakes of classic songs that do nothing new or remotely interesting. Well I am here to tell you that good Christmas music exists, and there is a thing known as a unique Christmas remake! Here are my top 6 favorites. Why 6? Because there are 6 days until Christmas!

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"The Perks of Being a Wallflower" REVISIT

Back in 2011 I read “the Perks of Being a Wallflower” for the first time and it was everything I loved about coming of age novels, and an instant favorite. Now it is 2018 and I reread the book and watched the film adaptation again. These are my thoughts after revisiting one of my favorite books!

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What You Should Read, Instead of "Lost in a Book"

On the podcast I co-host with my good friend, Brittany, we spent the first Season discussing Lost in a Book by Jennifer Donnelly. While the book was abysmal, the ideas it presented have been used in several other works of fiction. Lost in a Book doesn't do much justice to any of these ideas. This video features my recommendations of books that DO utilize these things with a lot of creativity and beautiful prose.

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