Danielle Karthauser

“This is Danielle” is a portfolio in website form. It represents me, Danielle, and all of the things I am passionate about. As someone who creates a lot of content for the internet, this is a site that is dedicated to compiling it all for your enjoyment.

My passions extend far and wide. I love reading and books (reading at least 50 books in a year is normal for me), video games, writing, creating videos / podcasts / magazines, and the show “Parks and Recreation.” These are only a few of the things you are guaranteed to see on this website.

I create a digital magazine about story in video games called Level Story, co-host a podcast with my good friend Brittany, write my own fiction and fan-fiction, create video essays, and more! All of that is on this website. Pretty neat, huh?

I attended West Chester University and received my degree in English Literature, with a focus on Creative Writing.

Danielle 1.png